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'Human' is complicated

I once made a woman cry by asking her to imagine pouring warm milk over a bowl of Weetabix. I asked her why and she told me it reminded her of her childhood and the green tiles in her grandmother's kitchen. We rightly consider Proust's 'À la recherche du temps perdu' a monumental exploration of the interior world of the human mind. I think it reminds us of how our own minds work, how we look back on things in our past and find meaning (or lack of meaning) in the world. The book is often singled out as the finest example of what it's like inside someone else's head and we are amazed that Proust could access and then describe the sensation of having those confusing, irrational thoughts. And yet, this is what it's like inside all of our heads all of the time. We think silly things, we make silly connections, we muse on meaningless encounters. That's what it's like being human. It's a very isolating, personal experience. As marketers who claim to understand the human condition, it's worth remembering the complexity of what it is to be human, as experienced, inside our own heads. Choices are rarely logical or obvious. Let's not pretend they are.

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