How come Martin Freeman doesn't have Vodafone Broadband?

Call me a pedant but how come Martin Freeman doesn't have Vodafone Broadband?

So far in what seems a rather contrived campaign he's managed to piss off a load of wedding guests by talking about Vodafone's cheap roaming charges. He's met and chatted up a girlfriend, despite spending his whole time talking about his mobile phone. Met her family on a beach - ditto (what happened to her BTW?) Been carjacked in an underground carpark, only to escape thanks to Vodafone. Had a case of missing identity on an escalator

(I think) and probably a whole lot more Vodafone-centric episodes I either didn't catch or have forgotten. The point being, that poor Martin seems to have some sort of medical condition in which everything in his life is built around his relationship with Vodafone.

But now this! He's an online gamer but has crap service because he doesn't have Vodafone. REALLY? I've suspended my belief with this campaign as far as I can, but being asked to believe he doesn't have Vodafone broadband has gone beyond my ability to fend off issues of credibility. Frankly, I'm exhausted. Continuity people, continuity... And we wonder why we flick through the ads.

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