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Making Sense Of The Senses

Well, this didn't disappoint and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's installment. We go about our business with a hammer looking for nails to hit. In fact, if you have a hammer, then everything tends to look like a nail. Programs like this remind us we perhaps don't know everything and we may not be the experts we think. Better to keep an open mind if you want to find something new. A closed mind only finds what it is looking for.

"For thousands of years people thought we had 5 senses, now it's believed we have up to 33. In this new series, philosopher Barry Smith and sound artist Nick Ryan take us on a journey into the extraordinaryworld of sensory perception.

The multisensory world is a strange place, once you look at it closely. Heston Blumenthal explains why a drink tastes different depending on which hand you hold it in; Barry Smith takes us on a plane to show how balance effects vision, and shows how the sensory dulling effects of air travel can be altered by tasting spice.

We discover how the senses interact with other constantly in ways that can be surprising and strange. And we try to answer the question: why does everyone agree that lemons are fast, while bananas are slow?"

BBC Radio 4 - Making Sense of the Senses

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