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I've conducted well over 50 Coca-Cola research & planning projects in the US, UK & globally. I've developed new products with teams in Atlanta in conjunction with agencies such as Chiat Day, Weiden & Kennedy, Fallon & BBH. One of the more memorable jobs was to travel around Asia watching football matches. It's a tough life.

I was instrumental in developing one of the most successful  US advertising campaigns of the past 20 years.

The campaign was called 'Truth' and it had a huge effect on on reducing teenage smoking

I've been working with luxury UK watch brand Christopher Ward helping them develop their highly disruptive strategy. Stay tuned for the next episode in the rise & rise of this success story

“We needed a deep understanding of the piano-buying audience and their ‘customer journey’. Graham spent a lot of time interviewing customers in their homes and then delivered their insightful findings. These explained where Roland is now, where the brand can go in the future and how we might get there.”

Sean Montgomery

European Product Manager Roland Europe


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