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I've conducted well over 50 Coca-Cola research & planning projects in the US, UK & globally. I've developed new products with teams in Atlanta in conjunction with agencies such as Chiat Day, Weiden & Kennedy, Fallon & BBH. One of the more memorable jobs was to travel around Asia watching football matches. It's a tough life.

I was instrumental in developing one of the most successful  US ad campaigns of the past 20 years.

The campaign was called 'Truth' and it had a huge effect on reducing teenage smoking

Over a 3 year period working with  Christopher Ward I played a central role in understanding the luxury watch market, defining CW's positioning, and developing groundbreaking advertising - culminating in a highly successful ad campaign in London in Nov '18 that found a new audience for the brand and created massive growth in new customer acquisition.

Roland needed a complete review of the home piano market. I provided an alternative strategy that offers a  distinctive positioning that's now being tested across the entire brand and across all markets.

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