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In 2014 I completed a comprehensive study of the UK wine industry on behalf of Kingsland Wines - 3-hour workshops and 2-week diaries with a wide range of audiences.

 This resulted in a segmentation 'tool' which identified NPD opportunities by audience and occasion.

“Graham has the knack of teasing insights out of a project that make you think ‘Of course, that’s it!’

Often obvious when you get to them but never obvious at the start. These are the type of insights that great innovation depends on.”

Grahame Cox,

Former Head of Innovation, United Biscuits & Founder, Innovation Ink with whom we conducted this NPD.

I undertook projects for Clarks Shoes as part of a complete brand review.

We identified assets locked up in their brand through working with staff, in creative workshops and consumer interviews .

The challenge was to differentiate The Macular Society from its better know rivals. Our strategy led to the creation of 'Mac'  - a memorable little character who lives in your eye! Increased awareness of the condition has been dramatic 

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