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‘The tool gives more depth and value to the research already available. When you have the role wine plays and the occasion in which it is drunk you have a complete mapping of UK wine consumption.'

Neil Anderson,

Marketing Director

Kingsland Drinks

November 2016

Premier Foods needed new thinking around the Prepared Sauce market. We undertook imaginative ethnographic research working with a panel of housewives over a two-week period using iPads. This uncovered an entirely new area for their NPD teams to get their teeth into.

I undertook projects for Clarks Shoes as part of a complete brand review.

We identified assets locked up in their brand through working with staff, in creative workshops and consumer interviews .

The challenge was to differentiate The Macular Society from its better know rivals. Our strategy led to the creation of 'Mac'  - a memorable little character who lives in your eye! Increased awareness of the condition has been dramatic 

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