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What’s stopping you

The gap between you & your next gold pencil may feel like its getting wider: Clients want more for less, budgets are stretched, deadlines are tight & consumers are trickier.

Given all that, you’re probably short of two things:

  •  Money for the research that finds the insights

  • Time to do the thinking that nails the brief

…Maybe I can help.

Over the past year I’ve been working with agencies with my Insight Lite - a sort of Uber for Insights

It started when my recruiter, (who also recruits in-house for ad agencies) asked if I’d run groups for her planners, so they could concentrate on finding insights and worry less about the moderating.

We tried it; it worked: and planners realised my agency & planning background let them to step away from the detail, see the bigger picture and think more strategically.

These days, clients expect answers without paying for them and while desk research and vox pops get you so far, there’s no substitute for proper exploratory research.

To get round this planners increasingly conduct their own groups on a shoe string, which is great, but it’s also a lot of extra pressure and it gets in the way of what they do best: Insight & strategy.

Insight Lite strips down that process so you get to the right answers quickly.

With no overheads, I can moderate 2 groups* & deliver top-line findings via Skype for as little as £1,200. It works great.


Insight Lite can help you with:

  • Defining the business problem

  • Identifying creative starters & insights

  • Evolving early stage idea development

  • Clarify communication issues

Where’s the catch? - There’s always a catch…

While I do the moderating and analysis, you organise recruitment & respondent fees. After all, why pay me to do what’s essentially admin?

If you need help with recruitment I can put you in touch with excellent recruiters, who get on with the job with minimum supervision.

Sounds interesting? Drop me a line & lets discuss.


*Other methodologies are available

Call: +44 (0)7590579031

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