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In 2014 I completed a comprehensive study of the UK wine industry on behalf of Kingsland Wines - 3-hour workshops and 2-week diaries with a wide range of audiences.

 This resulted in a segmentation 'tool' which identified NPD opportunities by audience and occasion.

Premier Foods needed new thinking around the Prepared Sauce market. I undertook imaginative ethnographic research working with a panel of housewives over a two-week period using iPads. This uncovered an entirely new area for their NPD teams to get their teeth into.

“I worked extensively with Graham when I was at Levi's, both in the UK and abroad. Recently having moved to the UK, I have been delighted to reconnect and work with Graham again, finding the same wit and sharp thinking in the work he has done with us."

Flemming F Thygesen, Group Director of Consumer Insights & Planning at Clarks International. November 2015

The challenge was to differentiate The Macular Society from its better know rivals. Our strategy led to the creation of 'Mac'  - a memorable little character who lives in your eye! Increased awareness of the condition has been dramatic 

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