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Things John Lewis could have made instead of an Elton John video

A lot of people have asked why I'm not raving about the John Lewis / Elton John Christmas ad. So, here's my attempt to explain. On one level, the ad is undeniably a tear-jerker, but looking at it more critically, I find Elton's 'story' contrived, synthetic and, most importantly, John Lewis could have done so much better. The world is changing. We're facing tough challenges on so many fronts and against this backdrop, I believe John Lewis could be doing so much more to demonstrate their essentially philanthropic roots. John Lewis is, after all, the largest employee-owned company in the UK and they could be doing more to make Christmas special for all of British society of which it is a quinte

How to make your marketing spend go further

Christopher Ward hits London This month the luxury watch maker Christopher Ward unveiled their provocative multi-channel ads across London in the run-up to Christmas. It's based on the insights and strategy I developed after a process of careful but inexpensive research. This was then developed into marketing executions around that central strategy using a small team of marketing specialists co-ordinated by the client. You'd be surprised how much awareness & recognition is generated when you base your marketing strategy on genuine insights.