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So who's this yakking about luxury watch brands? Oh, it's me... All part of the work I've been doing with Christopher Ward watches. From a fundamental look at the category through to creation of advertising. We're looking forward to the fruits of our labours. See the whole Christopher Ward magazine here:

How come Martin Freeman doesn't have Vodafone Broadband?

Call me a pedant but how come Martin Freeman doesn't have Vodafone Broadband? So far in what seems a rather contrived campaign he's managed to piss off a load of wedding guests by talking about Vodafone's cheap roaming charges. He's met and chatted up a girlfriend, despite spending his whole time talking about his mobile phone. Met her family on a beach - ditto (what happened to her BTW?) Been carjacked in an underground carpark, only to escape thanks to Vodafone. Had a case of missing identity on an escalator (I think) and probably a whole lot more Vodafone-centric episodes I either didn't catch or have forgotten. The point being, that poor Martin seems to have some sort of medical conditio