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HUBRIS: destroyer of brands….

Though, at the time it hardly seems possible, all great brands come to an end and the consumer moves on; leaving the landscape strewn with the vast and trunkless legs of once-powerful companies.... ...where they lie forgotten, except by us marketing lags, who use their fate as a cautionary tale against of the dangers of hubris. Who remembers Reebok when they outsold an upstart brand from Oregon? Or Sega when they dominated gaming? I once had a Myspace page and I miss those trips to Helsinki to see the nice people at Nokia. Even… ahem… the mighty Microsoft once sneered like Ozymandias at those quirky folks from Apple. Here’s how ex Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer answered a question about the iPh

7 Steps to Insight

Here's a downloadable version of the slides: I've offered this set of slides before, but each time I look at it - which isn't very often - I think I ought to share it again. Forgive the fact it isn't meant to be a linear read and there are gaps you have to fill in yourself. That's part of the process. But I hope you get something from it.