Postcards from the EDGE

A sort of harbour pilot for brands


Business Bullshit

Wonderful and much needed contribution to the marketing library. Try this for size: Branter: 1. Brand banter; social chat between a brand and its audience. 2. More errant twaddle from the online world, suggesting once again that customers spend their entire time having witty conversations with products that they care sod all about, doubtless whilst engaging in a customer journey. (see Advertainment; Chatvertising) Many thanks Kevin Duncan

Generation Sensible? Makes sense to me

In 2008 teenage pregnancies started to disappear... fast. Why? All those wittering on about Millenials ought to have a listen to this programme about teenage pregnancy and the idea of 'Generation Sensible' . Just another point of view and set of data points.

Storytelling? It's just that... a story

Something inside me rejects the idea of 'storytelling' & 'content'. Our clients (i.e. customers / 'consumers') are looking for authenticity - though they don't call it that. They don't want 'content'. They want to read about what someone has to say, not what someone thinks you want to hear. Unrealistic? I don't think so. Write about what interests you. Nothing more. Do Brands Really need to tell a story?

Curious Cats Catch Black Swans

Black Swans are game-changers. They turn established markets on their head - and depose market leaders. Yet they also provide huge opportunities for those who can see the trend early. Do marketers try hard enough to spot them? Many lack the curiosity to hunt for Black Swans And fail to avoid the dangers or take advantage of the opportunities they offer. Here's what to do about it. ​​There are three categories of knowledge: KNOWNS: “I know why photographers like Kodak” KNOWN UNKNOWNS: “I don’t know why photographers like Fuji, but I can find out” UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS: “Digital technology will make film processing obsolete” These correspond to different uses of market research: ENDORSE: Research